Rekindling Love || Narlie

INVOLVED: Noelle Lopez & Charlie Fabray

LOCATION: Central Park

WHEN: Recently (exact date unknown)

SUMMARY: After being in denial, Noelle finally decides to stop running from her fears and tell Charlie how she feels. Needless to say, things go in her favor.

NOTES: Done in neatchat. Unfinished.

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Call → Narlie

  • Charlie: willed her breathing to remain steady, waiting anxiously for Noelle's response. Was that too much of her to ask for? The true weight of her words only noticeable after she had said them. "We could..." She paused. "Does Central Park sound good?" It was a public place, yeah, but there were secluded spots peppered around it. And if worst came to worst, at least Charlie would be able to run off... if needs be.
  • Noelle: "Yeah, Central Park sounds awesome." She nodded eagerly. It was a good thing Charlie couldn't see her, and the wide smile she sported. It was the perfect place to meet, but honestly she didn't care where they met. As long as she got to see the blonde beauty, she was fine. "I'll meet you there soon?" The response was meant to come out as a statement, but she wanted to make sure Charlie didn't want to change her mind.
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Call → Narlie

  • Charlie: ducked her head, pacing around the tiny patch of grass in front of the tree she had stumbled upon in her travels. As Noelle was inhaling a breath, Charlie stopped dead in her tracks, listening to what the brunette had to say. It was painful to hear, it must have been painful to admit too, judging by the low whispers that fed through the receiving end. She missed her, and she would be lying to her self if she didn't respond with the same thing. Noelle was the only person on her mind constantly. She felt faint hearing the next string of words, resting her back against the rough bark to keep her upright. "I miss you too..." she whispered back in a single breath. Her tears were falling freely now of their own accord, staining her cheeks. "Can...can I meet you somewhere now? Please Pook--" She bit her tongue to silence the pet name. She needed to see her now, no question about it. Of course it would hurt, but the painful longing outweighed the heartache that Noelle had caused. Her heart only ached to see the Latina again.
  • Noelle: 's breath hitched in her throat at the almost mention of her former pet name. It had been a while since she heard that name, and she didn't realize how much she had missed it until now. At one point, she had even despised Santana's dog because it had the same name. It was a soft spot for her, and now she definitely couldn't say no to Charlie's request. "Now?" She questioned, finally finding her voice, and swallowing hard. Was she in any position to see Charlie now? She wasn't sure, but she wasn't going to miss out on seeing her. "Uh, yeah. Of course." The Latina mumbled, trying to keep her excitement at bay. "W-where do you wanna meet, C?"
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Call → Narlie

  • Charlie: screwed her eyes shut to prevent the tears that threatened to spill from her already watery eyes. Just hearing that beautiful voice, even over the phone, it opened fresh wounds that she thought had healed over. She took a brief moment to collect herself, holding the phone away from her a little so Noelle couldn't pick up how heavy her breathing was. Inquiring if she was busy usually meant...meeting up, and Charlie wasn't sure if she was ready to face her fears just yet. "Um,, no, I'm not." was what came out of her mouth instead of the lies her brain had prepared. Charlie was a terrible liar. "I'm just in Central Park, actually..."
  • Noelle: internally breathed a sigh of relief at the woman's response. She had expected her to lie or blow her off, but much to her surprise, she didn't. "Oh okay." Noelle nodded, though Charlie couldn't see her. "Uh, listen, C." Taking a moment, she took in a deep breath, before exhaling and continuing. "I just wanted to say I'm sorry. Really, I am." And she was. There was a countless number of nights that she stayed awake just wanting to call the blonde or just see her, but she knew she couldn't and that's what killed her the most. She knew that she had no right to expect anything of Charlie anymore, especially considering the way their last encounter had gone. "I miss you..." Her voice was barely above a whisper, but she was sure the other woman heard her. "What I did - I know I hurt you, and I'm sorry, but I - yeah, I'm sorry." Biting the inside of her cheek, she desperately tried to prevent herself from tearing up, but it was no use.
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Call → Narlie

  • Charlie: found herself wandering around central park, scoping the area for any interesting shots to add to her growing portfolio. The past week felt like the absolute week from hell - the stacked up empty tubs of ice cream and overflowing bags filled with used tissues in the apartment speaking for themselves. Charlie never took rejection well, not at all. It took such a toll on her that, if it wasn't for her room mate, the blonde would have stayed cooped in the apartment curled up in her bed for the rest of eternity. Fortunately, Brittany wouldn't let that happen, which led Charlie to central park. The fresh air was much needed, she soon realized. She hadn't spoken to Noelle in over a week, out of hurt and embarrassment. Mostly hurt, but Charlie had made a downright fool of herself. There was no way she could ever show her face again, she couldn't let herself be in such a vulnerable position like that ever again.
  • Charlie: Camera in both hands, Charlie began sorting through her photos to determine what would stay, and what would be deleted. Her phone buzzed, stirring her from the task at hand and awkwardly she pulled it out of her jeans pocket. The name from her caller ID displayed shocked her to say the least, taking her a few moments before she mustered the courage to press 'Answer'. Phone pressed to ear, she said quietly, "Hey, Noelle..."
  • Noelle: found herself growing more impatient with each passing second. It was stupid of her to expect Charlie to answer her call. The thought of her name showing across the blonde's screen and being ignored was far worse than her number being blocked or deleted altogether. If Charlie decided not to answer, she wouldn't have minded. Sure, it would have hurt like hell, but it wouldn't have come to any surprise. Noelle bit her lower lip, nervously, almost deciding to hang up when she heard a soft voice filter through the speaker. She almost thought she imagined it, but taking a risk, she responded anyways. "Uh, Charlie?" The brunette asked unsure. A moment passed, before she gained an ounce of confidence back, mumbling her next statement. "Uh, hey. Are you busy?"
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Call → Narlie

  • Noelle: had contemplated calling the blonde for over a week now. After having rejected her then best friend, she didn't know how well her reaching out would be accepted, but she was over being scared, and she needed to talk to her - to apologize. Even if she highly doubted it'd be well received, she was going to try. Just the simple thought of hearing Charlie's voice was enough to make her want to try to make things work. Maybe she wasn't ready for a friendship yet, but she sure as hell wasn't ready to lose the most important person in her life. Grabbing the small zebra print covered device from her nightstand, she unlocked the screen and quickly dialed the all too familiar number, praying that the girl would answer. Noelle nervously, rapidly tapped her fingers against her thigh, waiting for Charlie to pick up - if she would. "Pick up..." She mumbled to herself after the second ring.
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